Barrier films

Thermoformable film

From simple PA/PE films to high barrier films with EVOH. Dedicated for food industry’s demands for white or transparent, robust, easy sealable in greasy and oily environment packaging.


Top sealing film

Dedicated for sealing of thermoformable packages and pre-made plastic trays in food industry. Film suitable for sealing PP, PE and PET surfaces, additional features of anti-fog, easy peel and multiple open-close. We can supply high barrier sealing films with EVOH and exclusive barrier films coated with metal oxides. HD flexo or rotogravure printing  up to 11 colors available.


Flowpack film

Dedicated to vertical or horizontal flowpack packaging machines. Various barriers, anti-fog feature available, also low temperature sealing film version for high speed machines. HD flexo or rotogravure printing  up to 11 colors.

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